Darksoft - “There’s Always Something Going On” Los Saints, "IDK" Yawners, "Honey" Paul Cherry - "Back on the Music!" Trudy and The Romance, "Angel" Cola, "Water Table" Lobsterbomb, "Sense" Island of Love, "At Home" The Stroppies - "The Perfect Crime" SUB*T - "Asterisk" English Teacher, "Mental Maths" Teenage Tom Petties, "Boatyard Winch" GHUM, "Some People" Pinch Points, "Am I Okay?" Deer Scout, "Cowboy" KATZ, "It'll Never End" The New Colossus Festival 2022 Velvet, "I Prefer You (In My Head) Stephen's Shore, "Ocean's Calling" feeble little horse - "Chores"