yucky-duster-friend-zoneThe arbitrary assignment of the mythical friend zone is something that anyone in love is mortified of. But we’ve all been there, whether as the admirer or the admired.

The Brooklyn-based four piece featuring members of Slonk Donkerson and The Gradients, Yucky Duster are readying their self-titled debut on Birdtapes, and their affable single Friend Zone takes on the often unfairly villainized side of the zone. The band’s slinky punk falls back to the kinetic post-punk of Sweden’s Chin Chin or the mercurial Delta 5. The unapologetic refrain does that make me a bitch? / does that make me a bitch? brightly repeated by the fiery Maggie Gaster, backed by her equally dynamic band mates.

Yucky Duster is out on June 3rd, with a record release show on the same day at Shea Stadium.

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