your-old-droog-BandSAt one point, Your Old Droog was thought (by the Internet of course) to have been a ruse by Nas. At the time of his debut’s release, there wasn’t a ton of info or photos of Droog, which fueled the speculation that Nas was writing music for a new moniker after his label, Mass Appeal, announced the release of Droog’s debut EP. Despite debunking the theory after Droog performed a show in NYC, it’s understandable why many vehemently believed it was Nas with Droog’s organic flow and unorthodox beats selection.

Admittedly, the two subjects of Droog’s latest track are two of my favorite things, the game of basketball and Seinfeld. Working off of the aesthetics instrumental (that’s vaporwave talk) Seinwave,” Droog showcases his love of the two pastimes with witty wordplay and sharp rhyming and diming. Name dropping the diminutive Mugsy Bouges and pairing him with his cigarettes of choice, Newport Shorts and mentions the annoying Kenny Bana while cross referencing George’s high school nickname Cantstandya” deck MCs with weak bars.

There’s way too much to pick at to fit a track review, but if you like basketball and Seinfeld as much as I do, you’ll spend a long time sifting through the track’s Genius entry.