womps-out-fertile-foreverWOMPS is a duo with origins in Glasgow, Scotland with Ewan Grant on guitars and vocals with multi-instrumentalist Owen Wicksted on drums, bass and synths. Formerly known as Algernon Doll, the band effectively became a duo when the band’s drummer exited, and Wicksted had to shift from his bass guitar duties to full-time drummer. While they were tearing up NYC during last year’s CMJ, we were able to catch one of their sets, which ended up being one of the more memorable ones for me that week.

For their full-length debut Our Fertile Forever (via Displaced Records), WOMPS got into the studio with the great Steve Albini (Nirvana, Slint, Shellac). WOMPS already had shades of 90’s alt-rock royalty embedded in their sound, with earlier previews like the hook addled (and so damn catchy) Live A Little Less and Dreams On Demand, both making the cut for the LP.

Plasticine starts off with a rubbery bass riff that feels hefty, jostling instantaneously catchy guitar bursts. Jangly garage pop coupled with the forlorn cues of mid-90’s emo, Grant’s vocals ride a wave of angst, deriding the crushing blows of pliable (or plasticine) expectations.

Our Fertile Forever is out on June 10th through Displaced Records.

Cereal Pairing: 1/2 cup of Count Chocula + 1/2 cup of Chocolate Frosted Mini-Wheats