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Brandon Saucier is the enigmatic propeller for the lo-fi project, WINT. The Lethbridge, Alberta-based musician is in the midst of a writing streak, releasing material in quick succession, with the 23-track record Naivety at the top of the year. An (only slightly) older release, Information, is a concept record inspired by the battle for the factual foundation of society.

The record’s title track is a commentary on the erroneous dissemination of falsehoods and egregious fiction. DEVO-esque prickly guitars unevenly ramble on, serving as a metaphor for the noise” out there. Saucier’s robotic delivery mimics the lies hiding in the wires as he sporadically bleats out arbitrary blocks of content (“water tastes like milk / taste like water, tastes like milk).

Cereal Pairing: Corn Pops