Will B & The Teen Creeps is the greatest result of bedroom boredom you could ask for. Led by Will Boldero, “a teen with messy hair and ill-fitting clothes,” this lo-fi Leeds outfit has perfected their idea of stripping production down, keeping music raw, and getting people moving.” Their debut EP, Slackers,” consists of six tracks that make you feel like you’re listening to them live and moshing at a basement show.

0007180650_10The EP opens with hi,” an upbeat, fast paced, guitar driven track that questions a confusing correspondence. Changing gears, slackers” and fluke” are slower and more self-deprecating, with lyrics like I’m a slacker” and I’m a fluke.” huh??” follows suit, fit with falsettos and flaws. The longest track, death before decaf,” journeys the affects of caffeine in your blood, on both yourself and others, bearing the truth of I know you want me to grow up but I’m not gonna grow old. yung” brings the EP to a close with a more shoe-gazy vibe and melancholic self-awareness. Will blames his lack of self confidence and not being worth it anymore on his youth.

Cereal Pairing: a1a6644ea36a12d8f0ca4777a6a47229OKs, because everything will be ok…eventually.