From the Windy City comes Whitney - a super band formed from ex super band members (Julien Ehrlich of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Max Kakacek of Smith Westerns). The folk-based, but not folk-exclusive, band shares a slue of soothing sounds in their second track (ever), No Woman”. 

Off their upcoming debut album via Secretly Canadian, the track perfectly journeys you out of the dark woods of lost love, and into the less dark woods of just being lost. The cinematic start highlights the band’s unique sound with the addition of colorful keys and a tumultuous trumpet. Combined with haunting, hazy vocals and super smooth guitar playing, Whitney enchants listeners so much so, that reality almost seems to be a dream.

I left drinking on the city train // to spend some time on the road” I’ve been going through a change // I might never be sure i’m just walking in a haze // i’m not ready to turn” midnight driving through the pain //going back on the road”

No Woman”s state-of-limbo lyricism reminds listeners of that self-guided solution we all need sometimes to find our way back to ourselves. The fear of the unknown weighs heavy on this track, but its greatness weighs a little bit more.

With no women, Whitney threw around some axes, lit some cherry bombs, and drank some PBRs in the woods for the track’s video - check it out below.

Cereal Pairing: Wheaties Fuel, in the woods, with your best buds.