Alec Scott is taking us on a home-bound rendezvous with the video premiere of his latest track, Let’s Call this a Rendezvous.” Ski Boy, which started as more of”an experimentation” of self potential for Alec, has turned into an endeavor of bedroom-pop genius.

The LA transplant, by way of Salem, Oregon, took the plot line of his recent travels and rerouted them inwards for this zero budget music video. Directed and produced by friend Greg Markman, Alec looked no further than their own home to shoot the simple, yet non-superfluous, shots.

The entire video was filmed at Greg and I’s house. We didn’t buy anything for the video, everything used in the video were items found on our property or that we already had. We always wanted to pull all the eclectic factors of our house together and showcase it, so when I came to him with the idea for a music video it seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Greg & Alec

After living in Eastern Europe for two years, it was almost inevitable for Alec’s music to be based on self discovery and self reflection. I’m older and found that nothing really stays the same,” sings the one-man turtlenecked band who can’t seem to escape himself in the video. Around the corner, in the kitchen, and on the roof, the multiple versions of ourselves we find at different points in our life will always be there.

The track floats along in an undeniably sensible direction, bringing you to an almost dream-like state - one where you keep running into the person you were, the person you are, and the person you might be. Ski Boy takes us on the slippery slope of life, only to find yourself waiting at the bottom of the hill.

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