LUV IN THE RUINS is Justin Majetich’s sophomore LP (via Winspear) under his CARE moniker. The Grand Rapids, MI-to-Queens, NY transplant is taking an uncommon approach and releasing the record in two parts. Part one, released earlier this month, explores the windfall of emotions stemming from a breakup while part two deals with the aftermath.

From that first batch of new songs, Moonlight presents itself as the more unpredictable of the group. Cloaked in lucid jazz and teetering on a disorienting melody, the song feels otherworldly as quivering synths prickle the senses. Being kept up by painful feelings slumber is a strange thing when you’re on my mind, Majetich combs through desires and memories to win back his former partner (“once I have you back, you can never leave).

Shot with an old iPhone 4S, grainy clips of Majetich are overlayed with images of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The video depicts events surrounding the gruesome disembowelment of Habakkuk 2”, a forgotten night club on the waterfront” of Greenpoint. The surreal imagery conjured in the video feels like an extension of his anguish and the restless emotions while echoing the nocturnal melodies, making everything almost feel nightmarish.

The second part of LUV IN THE RUINS is out on January 6th, 2017 through Winspear Records. A companion book, limited to 50, with annotated album texts, photography from Chris Cox, and designs by Ross Berens. Pre-order here.

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