Friends help friends make thoughtfully curated playlists. 

Art by Stolen Chapsticks

Various Swell Sounds is a collaborative playlist series from Jon Doyle of Various Small Flames, Shana Hartzel of Swell Tone, and Jonathan Chin of this sweet blog. Instead of constantly exchanging tracks amongst each other, we have decided to work together to bring them to more ears. Every month, we will match a selection of our old and brand new favorites to a specific theme.

We’re in the twilight of warmer days, but at least we’ll always have our dogs in this doggy dog world. Besides the old saying and it’s mildly interesting Wikipedia entry, we’re taking this month to paws for a minute bark out our favorite furry beings. We’ve fetched 30 treats for you to gnaw on or pair with your favorite canine-related activities. This one is for you dawgs.