Friends Help Friends Make Thoughtfully Curated Playlists.

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Various Swell Sounds is a new collaborative playlist series from Jon Doyle of Various Small Flames, Shana Hartzel of Swell Tone, and Jonathan Chin of this sweet blog. Instead of constantly exchanging tracks amongst each other, we have decided to work together to bring them to more ears. Every month, we will match a selection of our old and brand new favorites to a specific theme.

Roses are red Violets aren’t blue To whomever wrote this poem I think love is one great hokum

It’s February, the second month of the year, the heart of the winter or the season where people realize the world is cold-hearted. From last month’s lost yet hopeful’ list of tunes, we present another list of sounds but on a much somber tone. In the annual spirit of love, romance, and mediocre economical sweets, this trio has compiled 30 songs that are about love, mainly consisting of the heartbreak-variety.