Vacations is a project helmed by guitars Campbell Burns. Thus far, Burns and company have released an array of superb EPs the past two years (Vibes, Friends, and Days), and are currently working on their debut record for early next year on Human Sounds Records.

The forthcoming record’s lead single, Moving Out, documents Burns’ experience with living on his own. Detailing the first six months since leaving home, the experience is proving to be a bittersweet one. Gleaming rays augment bent guitars along with a fluttering melody, Burns confronts his apprehensions on his new freedoms:

You can’t live forever in the safety of your mother, You can’t live forever in the safety of your father.

Reverberating with echoing jangle that simmers to a quaint bliss, a sense of ease and dread comingle for a fuzzy malaise. The washed out track is a resonating preview of what’s to come from the rising Newcastle group.

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