vacations-friends-coverWe’ve highlighted Newcastle, Australia-based project VACATIONS in a previous Bowl, but mastermind Campbell Burns is back with an experimental supplement to his upcoming EP, Vibes (out sometime in December with No-Fi). Instead of releasing the supplementary EP outright, Burns has been releasing them every Friday through the month of October.

A collaborative effort, Friends is a collection of songs in which Burns wrote with both friends and musicians thousands of miles away. Each of the four tracks features a different artist, two of them stemming from collaborations through the Internet.

Written with the Oceanside, CA-based musician Miles Bandit, I Want 2 Play falls into a sultry malaise that deserves your fixation. Rise and shine, get out of bed / there’s much to be done no one said it would be fun Burns lethargically croons to a backdrop with a stirring aurora. Turning with a jazzy hue, Burns and Bandit work themselves into a silky groove, churning with airy psychedelics and tasty hooks for a truly sublime composition.

The final track from Friends drops this week.

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