uni-golf-club-have-funI’m fond of mysterious” projects, or bands/artists that have a minimal to no Internet presence. Admittedly, it does make my job a bit harder when it comes to profiling the band/artist but nonetheless, it’s kind of a fun challenge making assumptions on project based solely on the music and the hype.

UniversityGolfClub is a project based in Vancouver, British Columbia and recently uploaded their first collection of songs entitled Have Fun & Good Luck. According to the notes on the Bandcamp page, the record was done over one weekend in an acquaintance’s basement. Conversely the record’s nautical undercurrents lead me to believe the record was squeaked out on a sailboat traversing the brisk waters of the English Bay or Vancouver Harbour. The tepid opening track, ONE, is bursting with its light-footed guitars and chipper drums, the peachy track could be easily mistaken for an early Tennis demo. Similarly, the hiccuping TWO and turbo-driven FOUR reiterates the solar-beaming personality of the opener.

Dreamier music is explored with the slow-going THREE, even making a nod to genre giants, Beach House, with a terse and almost incomplete percussion pattern. The most spatial of the record’s six songs, FIVE echoes the casting of a slow paddle-less raft, on its way to a calming voyage across the vast blue.

With sprigs of surf and dream, Have Fun & Good Luck is a record that isn’t bogged down by tropes, but instead is a spry and delightful one

Cereal Pairing: Rice Krispies with dried mangoes, banana slices (dried or fresh), dried cranberries