Put together by Don’t Need No Melody, Willow Wood Music, and 80N7, it was part two of Unimpressed Fest, with the part one at Black Bear the night before. Night two at the Studio at Webster Hall was the last showcase on our docket but it was probably the most fun we had all week. There was the $2 PBR Tall Boys, the best in-between-sets DJ set (which included the Space Jam theme), the contagious dancing of Mitch (who seemed to have an infinite amount of moves), and of course, the lineup.

NOLA-based Donovan Wolfington released their latest record How To Treat The Ones You Love on Topself Records over the summer, and have been busy touring since then. Dealing with the loss of a friend and band membersHow To Treat The Ones You Love is decked out with weighty emotions and endearing hooks. Even with the dark cloud over these songs, they were awash with energy and jovial vibes.

Montreal duo, Solids brought the noise with their dense take on punk. Like their contemporaries No Age, and Japandroids, they’re loud for two people. Last year’s Blame Confusion, is all sorts of catchy with its vivacious percussion and fuzz-happy chords. Xavier Germain-Poitra’s ferociously melodic guitars blends and softens the punchy drums of Louis Guillemette, with somber melodies rising through the noise. In the words of dancing Mitch, they were solid.”

We already crowned Furnsss and Nai Harvest as some of our favorites of CMJ (read why here and here). Furnsss have a few shows coming up this month, including one with Fern Mayo at Aviv. Nai Harvest don’t have a future shows for the States coming up, but definitely keep your eyes peeled.

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