If you wanted to feel like you were in high school again circa 1994 Seattle, then Music Hall of Williamsburg last night was the place to be. Filled with flannels tied around waists, home bleached hair, and an air of teenage angst, I was not prepared for the debauchery that was to ensue. The night’s bill featured Honduras, White Reaper, and headliners Twin Peaks.

After being asked to buy a teenage girl beer (and cue feeling old), Brooklyn band Honduraskicked off the show after just playing there the night before opening for Blur (kind of a big deal). After coming across their latest releases (Morality Cuts and Break), I was pretty stoked to see them. The good music, I was prepared for; the dance inducing quality to their live performance, I wasn’t. Their latest single, Paralyzed, was personally one of my favorites, and definitely has me looking forward to the release of Rituals in June.

[caption id=“attachment_183” align=“aligncenter” width=“1024”] Photo Credit: Nadine Suleiman[/caption]

With the drunk getting drunker and the kids getting rowdier, White Reaper, in all their glory, took the stage next. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, denim jackets in tow, the bands instrumental insanity and incomparable stage presence immediately made me a fan. Besides the sheer weight of the actual talent, the charismatic hype-beasts that were the bassist and keys player, was what really got the crowd all riled up. Pushing one another, jumping around stage, crowd surfing, and even carrying the other on their shoulders, White Repear hands down has the most fun on stage out of any band I’ve seen live (and that’s a lot of freaking bands). Checking out their music, extremely reccommended. Seeing them live, a mere necessity.


Deeper into the dark of the night, but mostly into beers, the Chi-town boys came out looking to get rowdy - and rowdy they did. With a spray painted anarchy backdrop, and not giving any fucks but playing the shit out of their music (sorry, I couldn’t explain it without cursing), Twin Peaks hosted a floor of uninterrupted crowd surfing (to a point where people were starting to get on stage), head banging (mostly done by me), and moshing (as hard as 16-year-olds possibly could). While most of their set were crowd favorites, it was some of their new stuff that they played that really caught my ear. There is no lack of truth in their talent, their youth, and apparently their dance moves - so taking a huge liking to the new sounds was not a surprise. I think the real value in Twin Peaks, if it’s just listening to their music or seeing them live, is the moment they create for you - taking you to that place where you don’t, and shouldn’t, give a fuck. Just do you, and do it hard.

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[caption id=“attachment_190” align=“aligncenter” width=“1024”]Photo Credit: Nadine Suleiman Photo Credit: Nadine Suleiman[/caption]