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Twin Peaks have a habit of capturing the American aesthetic like no other. Raised in the culturally rich city of Chicago, the glam-rock-via-garage savants call upon every traditional tone and texture from Americana’s great catalogue of sounds to pen compositions that walk a fine line of being both curiously contemporary and comfortingly classic.

Their new song What’s the Matter revels in a nostalgia for the neon-lit nightlife that currently feels like a world away, getting its shine from the chrome covered bar-tops that the good old boys drink at and relishing in the stories that they trade. Led by a subtle pulse of syncopated guitar strums and a sledgehammer sounding piano tone, the song unfurls into a feel-good classic that’s ready to capture the oddly euphoric feelings of sipping a beer and watching the summer time sun set during the dusky hours in the city. Without a doubt, What’s the Matter is an upbeat number, projecting positivity into a world that’s currently locked into optimisms polar opposite. 

With lockdown life looking soon to be over, having this song playing on in the background as we tenderly take our first steps out into the wider world will probably help ease that natural sting of anxiety we’ll feel during the transition. A reminder that not all things in life are bad right now, Twin Peaks new single brings a sanguine mood that not many would want to turn down.

Cereal Pairing: Cheerios