Chetty and Katie are the duo behind Twelve Gardens who released their latest, tape 3. The Philadelphia-based project evokes the murky aesthetics of grunge with a smidge of mousey pop. The record was written earlier in the year, during a snowstorm in Portland and was recorded a few months later in Philadelphia.

The record’s lumbering starter Maria is a frothy number that is both delicate and gritty. Churning at a patient pace, the track opens with stiffened guitars and budding percussions of Katie. Simple and concise, it’s a track that quietly rips. The bright yet dispirited vocals emit lyrics of self-doubt, blame, and insect-filled mouths. Even succumbing to the intermittent swells of sludgy guitars, Chetty’s vocals provide an enticing entry into the band’s quaint music and surreal poetry.

Cereal Pairing: Cinnamon Toast Crunch