Trudy and the Romances Junkyard Jazz” EP is anything but junk - it’s a jewel.

The Trudy trio are back with a collection of tunes that have molded together in a seemingly effortless way. With the power to give you a theatrical performance, even if you’re just lounging at home in your knickers, Junkyard Jazz” is something to be undoubtedly applauded.

Despite their cartoon-ish influences, the talent coming from these Liverpool lads is something real. Their music is purely transportive, taking you back to a time and place where this sound never quite fully existed.

The woe-filled vocals, jangly instrumental work, and high concentration of finger snapping truly highlights the rarity of Trudy. Following a slew of killer singles, and leading up to a debut album, it looks like the Mutant 50s pop’ lane has only room for the one band who invented it.

The 30 second Seashore Overture” preludes the perfection to come with ease, leading into Twist It, Shake It, Rock & Roll.” The anecdotal sound of longing for some more good, good lovin’, this track will leave you doing nothing but what the title unnecessarily demands.

Junkyard Cat” further sheds light onto the raw appeal of Trudy’s true sound before picking up the pace in Ruff Ryder.“  Cinematically closing with Is There a Place I Can Go,” the EP ends with a more familiar Trudy sound, while taking us to a place of longing…for more.

Snag your copy here, or be lucky enough to see them live here. Us? We’ll be changing our Facebook relationship status to reflect this romance.

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