Free tequila would get most people anywhere, but for us, it was In Transit Records killer lineup for their Compilation Release Show at Baby’s earlier this week.

In Transit is a blog-turned-record label that focuses on shedding some much needed light on some of the best up-and-coming artists. Founder, and our current inspiration, Moriah Berger was fueled by her passion for music and her ear for great sounds - footsteps we’re intransitdefinitely following in.

I’ve always been obsessed with finding new artists and it’s great now that I have In Transit because it gives me a place to post about all the bands that I’m obsessing over and hopefully will get other people to obsess over them too!….The idea with Vol.1, Transmission was to help quality emerging artists gain some recognition by being exposed to each others fan bases and basically just to put a bunch of artists that I love on one piece of wax. ”

Vol. 1, Transmission proves to be 12 tracks of pure greatness, and was brought to life at Baby’s All Right by Tall Juan, Triathalon, Acid Dad, and The Britanys.

I’m sure we’re not the first to say this, but Tall Juan is the Spanish Elvis. From Buenos Aires to Rockaway, Queens, Juan Zaballa’s sound is as different as those two places. He was just a guy with a guitar, until he opened his mouth, strummed those strings, and let his lanky legs fly. With rockabilly undertones, constant gyrations, and songs that are completely infectious, it was obvious that pure rock n’ roll is the blood that courses through Juan’s veins. After “Uno mas!” song, Tall Juan’s set perfectly proved that he is as good as he is tall. Listen to his latest EP Why Not? here, because why not?

It’s so much easier falling in love with Triathalon, then actually trying to run one. Reppin’ Broken Circles Records hard in their matching outfits, this Savannah suit slayed their set at Baby’s and completely convinced us that they’re our new favorite band. The release of their debut album last year definitely put these Southern boys on the map. Following suit, their latest single Slip’n shows the progression of Triathalon’s music, from great to even better. The combination of shoe-gazy, surf-rocky, soul-synth undertones and pop sensibility sets Triathalon apart from the rest. The obvious chemistry and charisma of the quintet on stage only solidified their sound, bringing life to their Facebook interest of heavy jamming” (and ladies). From instrumentals that completely consumed and vocals filled with just as much sex appeal as they are talent, it was pretty clear that  Triathalon is going places. Triathalon’s full-length second album, Nothing Bothers Me,  is set to be released on November 13th. After streaming it early, I’d suggest on taking the day off to listen to it over and over again because it’s that undoubtedly great. (P.S. Thanks for playing Hawaiian Boi - those moves will forever be unmatched)

Unfortunately, we ran out of cereal and couldn’t catch Acid Dad and The Britanys, but based on how stoked we were about them during CMJ, we can’t imagine they were anything less than great!


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