Immediate chills. That is the reaction that everyone will have listening to Trevor Sensor. With an undeniable voice that draws you in and never lets you go, we have absolutely no doubt that this Illinois songwriter is going to be a big fucking deal. The Reaper Man is one of only two tracks released by Sensor (“Villains and Preachers being equally great). With just a taste of what incredible music is to come, it becomes quickly obvious that his voice is indisputably powerful and inevitably mesmerizing. Seemingly effortless, yet overwhelmingly emotive, ”The Reaper Man” transcends the track as a whole, and outdoes itself with every listen (and shit, we listened to it a lot). The rarity of his voice, the weight of his words, and the unquestionable greatness of his art in its rawest and purest form puts Trevor Sensor in a league of his own.

Cereal Pairing: rice1 Ricicles, because Trevor Sensor is out of this world.