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When listening to any shoegaze band, the inevitable influences will bound to come up. Many of Trementinas song recall the You Made Me Realise-era My Bloody Valentine mixed the jangled shyness of The Boo Radleys. Sure, one of shoegaze’s faults as a genre is a clear homogenous sound that any loud reverb-happy band will fall victim to, but it’s the little discernable qualities that make each band sui generis. For Trementina, its pace and mood.

Fall Into Your Bed one of the two new songs they released before the end of the new year, following up their excellent sophomore record. The jittery track embodies the nu-gaze/shoegaze-revival sound that folds in blissful pop, recalling Slumberland Records beloved Black Tambourine. With galloping percussive and guitars glazed in vibrancy, the aggressively infectious single does little to keep you in any state of gloom.