Formed in 2011, the Cardiff-based project Totem Terrors has been blitzing out sonic chaos with their windy brand of post-punk. Since their inception, the band has been going through a few line-up changes. Starting out as a duo with frontman Max Hicks and Rosie Smith after the break-up of their band Joy of Sex. With the project’s most recent EP Freeze Tracks, the trio consists of Hicks, with the addition Elliot Blake and Joe Sewell after they appeared in a Totem Terrors music video. Despite the turnover in personnel, the sound remains the same and on full display with his latest batch of songs.

No Homes is an angular stunter that recalls noise experimentalist, post-punk and art-rock all in one minute’s time. Programmed drums serve as the aggressive and unrelenting backbone of the track, as wailing guitars tag-along dominating bass lines for the fiery opener. Focused amidst the sonic mess, Hicks sounds focused in his baritone vocals as he delivers concise quips about isolation and belonging (“I got in-jokes with myself, I’m a collective of one). Recalling the likes of Gang of Four and Pere Ubu, the spastic track exudes hostility and a sense of anxiety through a mixture of words on isolation and fervid music.

Cereal Pairing: Shredded Wheat