tony-bullets-homesickTony Bullets is the moniker for Johnson City, NY-based Evan Hughey, who describes himself as a jangle-pop” musician. Formerly an electronic musician, Hughey has been working on his debut EP titled Homesick, already releasing the title track and Retro last month.

Homesick is sunny with the carefree vibrancy of surf rock and the sardonicism of slack. Warped guitars fluidly sprawl over a skippy kick drum pattern as Hughey’s dispirited deadpan croons lines like all my friends used to say I was fun and free until you caged me. Even while in the dumps, he’s still able to pull off some self-deprecating humor, quipping a guitar emulating waaaaaaanng and jabbing with a beat that Eric Clapton,” in reference to being a fledgling guitarist himself.

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