Austin-based garage band, The Zoltars, released their 5th record last year, Mystery Kids. Releasing music since 2012, the group has shown a knack for writing straight-forward fuzzy pop jams with clean hooks. Released on the hyper-local Austin label, Rock Tumbler Records, Mystery Kids is comprised of 13 tracks that range from whimsy ballads to crunchy jams.

On Jonathan the Free, the band tells the tale of a carefree local. On the sunny 2-minute track, the band sings of a vagabond named Jonathan, and after being gone for a few days, their imagination goes wild. From vampire hunter to Medusa vanquisher, the band playfully hypothesizes the recent whereabouts of their friend, coupled with simple instrumentation and fun riffs. Despite its short run time, Jonathan the Free, as with rest of the record, is delightfully satisfying pop with a big heart.

Mystery Kids is available now via Rock Tumbler Records.

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