One of the greatest things about CMJ is getting the opportunity to see bands from around the world that we may not have the chance to otherwise. Good music knows no boundaries, and although seeing these accented artists may require a plane ticket and a passport, these bands are definitely worth checking out!

Beach Baby is Cinnamon Toast Crunch London Town’s Beach Baby had us swaying and swooning at Baby’s All Right (woah baby, that’s a lot of baby), and we didn’t expect anything less. The British shoegazers have been on the rise after their recent debut singles, and we can’t imagine them going in any other direction.   Listen here

Good Morning is Count Chocula Every good day should start with Good Morning. When we caught these Aussies in the basement of Cake Shop, their adorable chuckles and down-under humor was just about as contagious as their dreamy sound and undeniable talent. I’d recommend starting every morning with Good Morning.  Listen here

Nai Harvest is Rice Crispies Drawing from the heydays of 90’s emo and shoegaze, Sheffield’s Nai Harvest whip-up infectious anthems that’ll make it difficult for anyone to stay still for any amount of time. There’s only two of them, Ben Thompson on guitar and Lew Currie behind the kit, but there’s enough snap, crackle and pop in their breathless pop to sway an entire room. Listen here

Hockey Dad is Fruity Pebbles We know Australia is super cool and stuff, but we’d really appreciate more of Hockey Dad around. Keeping a constant smile on our face at The Delancey, these two adorable Aussies showed no signs of falling off the surf-rock wave…not that we’d let them. The combination of strong instrumentals, catchy hooks, and infectious vocals definitely puts the duo up for dad of the year! Listen here

Hooton Tennis Club is Pop Tarts Crunch Going into this year’s iteration of CMJ, Hooton Tennis Club was one of the more talked about bands. With buzz stemming from their recent European music fest run, the Liverpool-based four-piece made a splash for their first run of US shows, justifying the hype they brought. Sprinkling in bits slacker-mannerisms onto the sterling pop of the Teenage Fanclub, Hooton Tennis Club brings life to the mundane with their sprawling melodies and tempered hooks. Listen here

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