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Formed in 2016, between friends and musicians, members of what would become The Stroppies initiated the project around a kitchen table. Featuring members of Dick Diver, Possible Humans, The Stevens and Boomgate, the Melbourne-based supergroup started with the idea of being an open-ended project. The group released their sharply economical self-titled debut last year, featuring pop-propelled slacker melodies a la Beat Happening and The Clean.

Maddest Moments is one of two songs from the band’s most recent recording sessions. The group wanted to take a less structured approach as a road test” for future recordings. Injecting a toothed melody into their lax pop, the track has an idiosyncratic feeling that masks it. It’s lyrics are just as surreal, with its subject matter relating to being outside in the over-stimulated world only to return home to find it with you.

Maddest Moments/Architectural Charades is available now via Tough Love Records.

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