the showers bellaThe Showers is a newly formed band that’s going to make a run early in the year. The four-piece from Macclesfield, UK self-released their debut EP Smile and The Trees Will Hold You back in March of last year. Guitarist/vocalist Sam Frost leads the band with Joe Hague, James Lawrence and Joe Reid manning bass, guitar and drums respectively.

As a band that’s still trying to find their footing, listeners shouldn’t use their all over the place debut to characterize their sound. But their latest single is a showcase what’s to come on their next record Bella. The lankily strummed title-track, Bella is a bobbling melody that alternates between scuzzy jazz and ruffled grunge rock. It’s an ebb and flow that goes from the noir-like verse to the angst dotted chorus (“I want to feel again / I want to need a friend).

Bella is due out 1/31 on Sunny Manchester.