We’re falling in love with The Rich Hands all over again. Not because we’ve been impatiently waiting for new tunes from the San Antonio trio, but because the new tunes are totally different than what we were expecting…in the best way possible. From doo-wop rock’n’roll, to a more modernized version of that, Cody, Nick and Matt are blazing a new trail with that same Texan touch.

Following albums Out of my Head and Dreamers, this is the first taste of new music from The Rich Hands in almost two years. With several songs already released, and no solid word on a release date, we can’t help but listen over and over again - each time hearing something different, and something great.

0003991620_10The 7-minute track somehow manages to better highlight those sweet vocals and raw instrumental talent. The rasp wrangles you in like a horse, and lets you go at just the right time that leaves you wanting more.

As the song progresses at a consistent pace, and you sadly think it’s over, a guitar riff unexpectedly leads you into 2 minutes of a climactic build-up and effortless harmonies.


Despite the change of direction for The Rich Hands, one thing remains true - their sound is, was, and will be, undeniably timeless. Bring some of that southern, summer sun over to New York soon boys! Cereal Pairing: ee39804226d13edf532262c20640abf3Sugar Pops, because of The Rich Hands’ sweet, sweet tunes.