the painters - on the ceilingThe Painters are a four-piece from Montreal, Quebec whose debut Specks of Dust comes out this week on Egg Paper Factory. The band consists of Alex Bourque, Josh Boguski, Raff McMahan, and Alex Lavoie.

The lead single On The Ceiling has been out since this past summer, but (egregiously!) lacked any behind it (I just don’t UNDERSTAND!). Unassuming but magnetic, the track builds steadily off the simple chord progression that the band never deviates from. Flourishes of feedback and sprightly drum snare filter in with the Daniel Johnston-like existential verses (“_what am I justifying / everyone is dyin_g“). Straightforward on the surface, the track possess an enigmatic air that makes it feel life-affirming. Even without a recognizable chorus or a”hook,” this 4-minute aural gem will stick around with you for a few days.

In the next few weeks, we’ll have a few words on Specks of Dust, which has already become my favorite of this year.