One of the many projects that have delighted our ears, Montreal, Canada-based Alex Bourque makes music under his moniker The Painters. Last year’s, Specks of Dust, features tracks that take on jammy, Velvet Underground-like qualities that coalesce with Bourque’s campfire folk. Along with Carla Sagan, Bourque recently released a split cassette entitled Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on Egg Paper Factory, featuring older unreleased material.

Like with much of the songs heard on their debut, Growing Pains deals with changes and looking ahead (“never sure of anything, but I’m always wondering). Between the echo-y dampened snares and campily strummed guitar, the two elements blur together and streamline into baroque-like folk. Elements steadily filing in and the downbeat getting louder, the track bursts into a boisterous euphoric anthem that steeps you in an everlasting warmth.

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