Plot twist - The Montreals are not from Montreal. In fact, they’re from a land down under making music that breaks all geographical boundaries.

The Australian quartet made up of Stefan (vocals/guitar), Angus (vocals/guitar), Lachy (bass), and Graham (drums), first stepped on the scene in 2015 with their single Becoming Strangers.” After getting us hooked and then leaving us high and dry, the boys have blessed us with their debut EP, Indigo Club.” 

The 3-track gem is the perfect introduction to how obsessed you’re about to become with The Montreals. Lo Fi” best highlights the effortlessly complex vocals and hints at an actual lo-fi sound, while Wellesley” further emphasizes the band’s undeniably addictive quality. The title track, Indigo Club,” closes out the EP with an flawlessly anthemic summation of youth hard at work, being too drunk for this bar.”

With the killer combination of a clear cut indie-rock vibe, melodic genius, and an air of pop sensibility, we can’t see a better paved road straight to success than for The Montreals.

If you’re reading this in Australia, please come melt our snow. If not, then at least go check out these tracks done live as the boys tour all up in you throughout February and March.

Cereal Pairing: Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal, just so you don’t feel totally unfulfilled by Canadian things.