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From Rennes comes The Madcaps - a fuzzy, French four-piece who have managed to make timeless, universal music. Their latest album, Hot Sauce”, is 12-tracks of 60’s inspired, grunge based, garage sounds. Smooth yet jagged, fuzzy yet distinct, The Madcaps’ seductive sounds are consistently strong throughout every track.

The opening song, Something You Got, immediately shows off the capriciousness of the band from a sole, strong bass line, to heaps of horns (found throughout). It then quickly moves into a faster paced, guitar shredding lead in”Too Big For Your Boots″. Despite our biased American views on the French, it’s obvious that The Madcaps don’t take themselves too seriously. Tracks like _T__aco Truck  and Boob Shang“ (our two favorite things right behind cereal), prove that infectious melodies and lively harmonies can make anything a foot-taping, head-bopping hit.  BurgersOn the other hand, less hurried tracks like Rainy Day”,_ show off the more complex lyricism The Madcaps are capable of.

Remember nobody cares Nobody cares about you”

Loneliness is the one girl that would never cheat on you”

Following suit, the album rounds out on a more haunting, apathetic note with tracks like Too Afraid To Give Up” and Walking Back Home”. DIY dragging and rock n’ roll raging, The Madcaps’ reverbed Rennes sound is undeniably catchy.

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As we say in America, Hot Sauce” is fire.

Cereal Pairing: FTC.1 French Toast Crunch, because well, duh.