koreatown-oddity-yesterdayDonning a werewolf mask and a moniker that pays homage to his neighborhood, Los Angelean Dominque Purdy’s raw style of rap is bold yet effacing. Signing to Stones Throw Records earlier this year, Purdy aka The Koreatown Oddity is prepping his follow-up to 200 Tree Rings, already releasing the unapologetic Fuck Dinosaurs this past summer.

Yesterday’s News is loud and present with bars that will strike a chord with many. Facing the now and the near future that is tomorrow, the track has a cynical tone (think MF DOOM) to it as he mixes in existential themes. Purdy tries to nudge listeners in the right direction by writing off procrastination and advocating others to seize the day, but not in a YOLO kind of way. In a world where anyone has the chance to go viral, Purdy warns that everything has a finite shelf life, even ourselves with the inevitable curtain call”.

Combining visceral verses with beats that are crude and minimal, Yesterday’s News is a wary take on ourselves that also serves as the obvious reminder we all brush off.

Cereal Pairing: Gotta go for that raw granola