the-hopalong-cassidy-gene-poolBarring any strange coincidence that the new name was taken, Harry Maslen has found a moniker to settle on. FKA Beach Coma, and briefly going under his own name, Maslen now goes by The Hopalong Cassidy Gene Pool. Working and recording with Calum Newton (Candy, Lunatics on Pogosticks, Born Again Surfers) and Jahan Kumarasinhe (Buddy Holliday, Born Again Surfers), it’s not hard to see where Maslen’s easy-going pop sensibilities might come from.

First tracks under the new name, two songs is another preview of Maslen’s soon to be released debut, with cassettes being handled by the always working Z Tapes. Like his first single coming down, blank cassette and dirty dreams breezy and radiating with effervesce that beg for your sweet embrace. Wallowing in unspecified regrets, blank cassette is a jangly pop track, guised up as matured slacker rock with Maslen’s mellow deadpan delivery. The brightest of the pair, dirty dream is a ballet of tingly instrumentation that glides with lax strums and prickled riffing that serves up a wave of euphoria.

coming down already had me eager to hear what comes next, and the pair on two songs only solidifies Maslen as one of my favorite songwriters on the year.

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