gotobeds-ny-swagger-innerPittsburgh, Pennsylvania jokers The Gotobeds are pretty fond of New York City. The band made that first known through their awesomely catchy single New York’s Alright from their superb 2014 debut. Recorded for a collaborative release by Chunklet and Third Uncle Records, the New Dress (Debutante) / New York Swagger are unused demos from their debut, being released a few weeks before an announcement/update for their Sub Pop Records debut.

Concise with slews of raw instrumentation, The Gotobeds on New York Swagger resemble vintage Pink Flag-era Wire, as they make use of every single second allotted for the song. Coincidentally, the band was signed to 12XU Records, which was named after Wire. Propelled by adrenaline and understated crunch, there’s a bit of abstract finesse in the track, not letting you know exactly why it’s so catchy.

Cereal Pairing: Wheaties