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Get down and wind up with Jolan Lewis’ debut album, Meet the Foetals. Under moniker The Foetals, Lewis has taken us into a ten-track time warp of rock n’ roll tunes, infectious grooves, and an inevitable state of swoon. Stockholm based label PNKSLM has been dishing out pure greatness lately (Pinemen, Lucern Raze, and Sudakistan just to name a few), and The Foetals is no exception.

PNKSLM proudly present the debut album from Jolan Lewis, aka The Foetals. Jolan’s been making waves over the past few years from fronting super hyped bands such as Temple Songs and The Pink Teens, and as soon as we heard his new solo record, we signed it instantly. It’s 10 tracks of killer guitar pop, currently getting everyone from Stereogum to NME excited already. Get on it fast.” - PNKSLM

Short, sweet, and straight up sexy, Meet the Foetals is driven by haunting vocals, electrifying guitars, and a distinct sound you can’t help but love. It’s the perfect tune of British DIY that makes you nostalgic and emotional, all while wanting to dance with your eyes closed and face covered with the greasy strands of your long hair.

11402732_1775789499313985_5998270304099176972_nWith tracks like The World Isn’t That Big”, Together”, and Move On”, its obvious that heartbreak, life, and everything in between is the force behind Lewis’ lyrics. On the other hand, Write On”, I’m Down”, and Nothing”, have the pop sensibility that’ll keep you moving, and keep you wanting more. Regardless, each track gives you the opportunity to lose yourself, and I highly recommend you take advantage of it.

We’re really glad we met The Foetals, but even more glad we got to know them.



Cereal Pairing: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because the sweet, sweet cinnamon lasts not nearly as long as we want it to!