expos-joy-coverPhoenix, Arizona resident Aaron Ponzo makes music under his moniker, The Expos, a name of the long defunct Montreal-based MLB team. The project itself started in the summer of 2015 where Ponzo completed his first recordings and making his live debut within a few months.

For this fifth release, Ponzo has gone about a peculiar choice in recording and releasing music. In a conversation with Colin Bauer (The Expos collaborator and owner of Warped Your Records), Ponzo was broaching the idea of releasing The Expos debut on an 8″ record but decided to reserve that format for new material. To accommodate a full album” of new material on the record, Ponzo wrote 18 thirty-second songs over the course of three months (with helpful advice from Tony Molina and Dear Nora) resulting in Joy (out on Warped Your Records). It’s a case where the medium influences the art.

Probably the shortest track featured on this site, Dear-Nora.png is a power pop tune that’s (unfortunately) over before you know it. Pondering about the cost of love and trying to figure out how to become a boss”, Ponzo sings over screeching synth-y guitars and an insanely catchy drum loop. In spite of its short duration, the torching ripper begs for a few replays and it shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

Joy can be pre-ordered from Warped Your Records and a release show is penciled for early next year.

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