craters-epThe Craters are still a mystery, at least to me, despite being around since the turn of the decade. The Boston-based group is spearheaded by Wes Kaplan with friends helping with recordings along the way. Releases have been spotty, due to commitments to other projects like The Channels. Kaplan’s latest bits made up Velcro a pop record that makes due within the limited confines of minimalism.

The title-track from The Craters upcoming Kids Can Tell, is noticeable difference in sound and direction, while still working with that minimalist mentality. What I could best describe it as dissonant pop”, the lead single is mesmerizing with its despondency and silky ambiances. Lending itself as a night time affair, Kaplan’s vocals filtered through echo effects make him seem like phantasm that sits inside your head.

Kids Can Tell is out June 17th on Designer Medium.

Cereal Pairing: Boo Berry