The Cozzmos - Suicide By Sound EP - coverJust a few months after releasing their debut Out of Reach, the brothers Mendoza are at it again with their second EP, Suicide By Sound. Their scuzzy debut was a collection of peppy garage-rock that ventured into realms of melodic surf rock. However, Suicide By Sound is a much more tamed effort from the San Fernando Valley four-piece, shedding their big wave sound for tighter songwriting.

Songs like Correspond” and Dancing Parrot” are somber but subtly brash, both ushered by riled guitars. The band does another one of their Strokes impression on Correspond,” characterized by the tactfully bright riffs, and melodic undertones that pulls back on energy. In the same breath, watery romper Dancing Parrot” has a certain shakeability, but at the same time, has a moody air to it.

Suicide By Sound has its share of somber numbers, but balances it out with the band’s sparky putts of energy. Beach comber, Heavy Heart” is stacked with gentle hooks, beady guitars, and memorable yelps of I want to / want to.” Its not catchy as the mosh-pit inducing Wolves” or blue as the stripped down closer You Are The Moon,” rather it represents the middle ground of the direction the band’s headed in.

While sombering up would spell the death for the catchiness” of their surfy contemporaries, The Cozzmos find a balance and keep the hooks coming.