There’s something magical about The Castillians. The Birmingham band, made up of two Castillians and one Bobby Pockets, have quickly become one of our favorites off the PNKSLM label (but we can’t help but love em all). Their sound has the incomparable ability to take you back in time,  while keeping you in the moment. Quick, loud, and seemingly impulsive songs set The Castillians apart…like millions of miles apart.

The-Castillians-Shoot-33-of-35In addition to their previously released single Y****ou & Me, and the success of their debut album Show Your Teeth, it’s no surprise that The Castillians are coming back with the same power that results in stupid and ridiculous dancing” with Piggy in the Middle”. Gritty guitar, deep bass, infectious vocals, and the addition of some serious horns (shoutout to fellow label buds Pinemen), their latest track is nothing short of irresistible charm and undeniable talent.

Their highly anticipated second album is out February 12th (but pre-ordering it here seems way more assertive).

Cereal Pairing:

c_33Bigg Mixx, because its character’s mix of a rooster’s head, a moose’s antlers, a wolf’s fur and a pig’s snout (mostly the pig snout), is all kinds of weird, wild, and wonderful.