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buttertones daks backThe Buttertones have been quiet since they released their excellent self-titled debut, but have been on a roll the past few months. For The Head and For The Feet was the band’s first group of songs into two years, and are now readying their, to-be-named second LP. The band has been known for their cool take on surf-rock with Bobby Darin-esque harmonies and tropicalia sensibilities. Dak’s Back” is a sharp right turn from those mellow harmonies to swift galloping tempos. The band aggressively soundtracks the tale of a suave Don Juan by the name of Dak, who can hypnotize with his slick riffs and steal girlfriends with just a look. Bursting with escalating saxophones and slapdash gatling guitars, the band is on light-speed tempo that harks back to the OG stratocaster-slinging surf-rock speedsters that made anthems for those big wave chasers. At two-minutes, the track is way to too short to keep us satiated for their latest full length, so hurry it up guys.