terry-vs-tori-albumTerry vs. Tori is a band that pines for the early days of reverb rock. Made up of members name neither Terry nor Tori, the Sevilla, Spain quintet’s sound romanticizes the golden age of shoegaze with their self-titled EP.

The band’s glacial stomper, “Hit & Miss makes us reminisce to the big guitar jams of the mid-90’s. Sounding like a cross between Dinosaur Jr.’s Freak Scene” and Pale Saint’s melancholic pondering, the track feels like a rallying cry for all the young adults. Vocalist, Erica Pender, sings with ethereal evenness as reflective guitars ripple with shimmer and fuzzy snarls hook up with low-key mosh-worthy melodies. The fluid instrumentation takes us back with vintage shoegaze while adding a bit of alt-rock flair into the mix.

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