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Sweeping Promises is a post-punk duo from Boston, Massachusetts featuring bassist/vocalist Lira Mondal and multi-instrumentalist Caufield Schnug. The two had been making music for a few years (Mini Dresses and dee-parts), but the idea for Sweeping Promises had came about last year, during a rehearsal. The music that came out of that session would lead to the recording of the project’s debut, Hunger for a Way Out, with the notion of creating music that did not fit the duo’s existing projects. The record is comprised of 10 blistering tracks with slithery guitars, clockwork tempos, and hook-friendly grooves that recall post-punk staples Pylon, and modern contemporaries such as Lithics and Omni.

Atelier, is a dizzying stoic bop that punctuates the record’s sonic leanings. An urgent and steady acrobatic bass dictates the rhythm, with fragmented guitars and swift punchy drums following. Mondal’s bright vocals dance freely in between hooks, almost to extent they feel improvised. Dense yet minimal, Atelier is a lap within a speedway, in an album that is dynamic and full of fidgeting momentum.

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