SUNFACE doesn’t need a silver lining, because there’s nothing even remotely bad about his latest track.

Daniel Longmore’s solo project (member of Trash) has seen the light (pun intended) of day with his recently released, and equally great,Sunface EP. Silver Lining” follows suit in the same sun-drenched, sun-faced bedroom pop space. Although constructed as a chorus repeated twice, the track is executed as a perfectly functional love song. With strength in its consistency and power in its presentation, it’s hard to believe that all this talent comes from an 18 year old boy writing and recording songs in my bedroom, dining room, and sometimes living room.”

The minute and a half ode to love is warm and fuzzy - the kind of feels you’d have if Longmore were singing these words to you.

sun shines when you’re around, rain falls when you leave town you should make up your own mind, but please don’t go home tonight if you left there’d be no sun, if you stay we’d stay so warm you should make up your own mind, but you should stay here tonight

Cereal Pairing: 998bbdd1ae0c5fb21d4a4a3bc74c8238Raisin Bran, for the strength of that sunshine.