Streets Kill Strange Animals is a noise rock trio from Nanjing, China who released their latest record after a four-year gap since their last. The project, started by Leng Mei, has been around for nearly a decade and has been touring extensively throughout China. McD Kids is part homage to their love of fast food, part nod to the youth of China growing up in a time where the disparities between the poor and rich are increasing.

For a band that’s been touring for nearly a decade in China, their sparse catalog doesn’t say otherwise. SKSA has grown to become a fixture in China’s music scene, which eventually led to their signing with Modern Sky.

Along with their punchy noise rock, the band’s members attribute many of the usual suspects of the 90’s alt-rock run. Bad Seeds, one of their more tempered songs, in some ways highlights their lax nature. Singling lanky-sounding guitars and an off-kilter tempo, Mei gives off a bit of sardonicism. Even with its eased demeanor, the track tenses up at it’s halfway with ripping riffs with a howling Mei right behind.

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