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We first heard Contagion” a couple of months back during an intimately crowded Stone Cold Fox set at Shea Stadium, and we were totally right in knowing it would be a hit (proof). The latest release is nothing short of the greatness that’s already come out of the Brooklyn-based quintet. With seemingly straightforward lyrics that weigh heavy at a closer listen, the fear of apathetic contagion” and death by boredom is what fuels the track, and creates an immediate connection with the listener. Fronted by haunting vocals and backed by dark and powerful instrumentals, the track builds and builds until it just…explodes.

If you think the track sounds good through your speakers, wait till you hear it live! Catch Stone Cold Fox during CMJ at the BTV Showcase on 10/13 at Webster Hall, and The Wild Honey Pie Showcase on 10/16 at The Wick.

Stone Cold Fox on Contagion”,

Contagion is a song born out of the frustrations of conformity and trends that every musician has to struggle with and recognize. The song is a culmination of a two year journey to find our own musical identity that we can feel comfortable being in, like figuring out your first not awkward haircut. Musically we wanted to use familiar sounds and elements but arranged in an unfamiliar way, incorporating both the danceability of electronic music and the energy of rock and roll.”