static-animal-morning-soundFor their sophomore EP, Static Animals textures and melodies grow more intricate on their Morning Sounds (via Sports Day Records). The Melbourne-based trio looked to all things nature and everything that goes on when the first beams of sunlight peak over the horizon were primary inspirations for this record.

Influenced by motorik beats, the gentle krautrock stunner (and appropriately named) Runner triggers a tingling sensation in your body with its chilled symmetrical rhythm. Coated with a slightly fuzzy arpeggio, dueling guitars excitingly sprawl out in opposite directions, like lightning bugs dancing in your backyard in the summer.

Dipping into their mellower side, Country Room hits on the dreamier side of the flourishing EP. Like the opener, Hours features a noticeable beat that sticks out of the thick foggy electronics. Invoking the brisk morning air, the light-footed track hastily skips over an earth bed of electronics.

The sprinting Spring Cassette puts the emphasis on quickened tempos with scurrying percussions, like the smaller creatures you’d find running through the droplet covered grass at sunrise. Breaking with sort of a reprise in the sleepy Evergreen, the cozy closer Break creates a deluge of calmness concludes the EP.

Nothing short of gorgeous, the songs that make up Morning Sounds will set you to daydream mode and keep you rooted there for a while.

Cereal Pairing: Granola cereal with diced up fruit