Austin based Star Parks debut album, Don’t Dwell is a collection of tracks that transcend and songs that soar. Comprised of Andy Bianculli (guitar/vox), Ben Burdick (bass/vox), Maurice Ramos (guitar/vox), Nathaniel Klugman (keys), and Keith Lough (drums), this Texas talent is not to be overlooked or underrated.

The combination of bedroom-pop vocals and garage-rock instrumentals creates an atmosphere of airiness and a state of serenity. Star Parks’ unique sound is undeniably effortless, and blurs the lines of genres.

12742495_447276415463790_1036545225375841755_nA strong reverb and truthful lyrics starts the album off with Hymn for the Hopeless.” Bianculli sings, All that I can take from this, is everything is counterfeit // All that I’ve come to know, is friends and lovers come and go.”

With a quick change of pace, Egotists” is a lighter, bouncier track that could be played at a school dance in 1964. Fit with falsettos and laced with irony, a jangly tune is accompanied with lyrics like, When I go to sleep at night, I don’t want to be alone.” 

Loose Ends” and Theoretical Girls” are both heavy with piano and soft with vocals, while Nobody Comes Here (And Nobody Leaves)” and Hugs”  perfectly display the chemistry between the entire group with breathy harmonies and seemingly easy experimentation.

Title track Don’t Dwell,” is just as catchy and volatile in speed, building heavily and ending abruptly. The album ends on a high note with The High Hopes of Good Fortune.” The 9-minute journey begins with an optimistic first half, followed by 2 minutes of silence, and picks up again with heavy vocals and captivating instrumentals. The latter is ethereal, mysterious, and antithetical. The melancholy is apparent in the repetitive truth, You can’t put your arms around memories, so don’t try…there ain’t no use in trying.”

Don’t Dwell” is now available via Paper Trail Records, with a limited number of special edition cool blue vinyls.

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All Stars, for Star Parks out of this world sound.