spit-dead-brokeThough it’s been a bit since they’ve released their latest record, Spit has been perking up ears on the web. The band has been playing more shows recently in support of 2015’s Dead Broke For Life, a collection of songs that points out the ironies. Forgoing the usual ambivalence and indifference that are the hallmark of slacker rock, the record has a more hopeful take on things.

The Moon not only serves at the record’s opener, but a tone setter for its spontaneity and easy going tone with its studio banter, let’s do it dude”. The band’s frontman, John, sings about choosing his dream of playing in a band over a relationship (“_I tell her, yea, i’m still asleep, I’m in the middle of a dream / never mind enough of this, I’ll wake up and call it Spit_’“). Tinged with hearty twang, the band’s humor resides within the rest of their”mozzarella grunge” record both instrumentally and lyrically.

The band plays a show this week with Washer, Patio and Human People at Shea Stadium BK on 7/31.

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